Get Help with Your Immigration Law Case in Charlottesville, VA

Immigration to the United States can be tricky and time-consuming. Let us take the guesswork out of the paperwork for you as your immigration law firm. Talk to our professional and experienced immigration lawyers today to secure your immigration rights. Learn more about what immigration law areas we can help with.

  • Green Card If you are seeking a green card, then let us help. Obtaining a green card can often be difficult or complicated, and our extensive knowledge of immigration law will work in your favor. Call us today to consult about your case.
  • Work Visa — For a variety of reasons, many people come to the country to work for an extended period of time. They often need a work visa. If you need help securing yours or are having legal trouble applying for or getting one, then let our experienced lawyers help.
  • Citizenship — If you are seeking to become a citizen, but are running against legal difficulties or aren’t sure how to proceed with the process, let us help. Our extensive knowledge of immigration law can help when you are figuring out how to become a naturalized citizen of the United States.
  • Asylum Waiver  If you have immigrated as a refugee because of persecution or other reasons in your home country, then you can apply for an asylum waiver. Let us help with any paperwork and deal with the legal proceedings as your immigration lawyer.
  • Family Immigration — When a United States citizen wants to help family members immigrate, there are certain procedures and laws that he or she must know. Let us help you with your family with our in-depth knowledge of family immigration law.
  • Deportation — For one reason or another, people are targeted for deportation. With an extensive knowledge in immigration law, our lawyers can review your case and see what legal methods are available to prevent deportation or enable the deported person to return. Let us help you with your case.

Let the qualified lawyers at Zobrist Law Group, PLLC take on your immigration law case. Our experience and knowledge of this area of law works in your favor and ensures that you have a voice. Please call us at our Charlottesville, VA office at 434-227-4602 or schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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